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Therefore, in order to sync BusyContacts with Facebook or LinkedIn, you must also networks, you can link them with contacts on your writable address books.
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While it is normally pretty tedious to take pictures of your friends and manually assign them to contacts in your phone, these apps provide automatic matching and syncing capabilities between Facebook profile pictures and iPhone contacts. Vringo gives users greater control over the syncing process, allowing users to review suggested matches before assigning pictures to contacts.

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However, poor photo quality is a shared complaint across users of both apps: the photos are often overly stretched or compressed. Like Vringo, FriendSync automatically suggests matches, but allows users to customize options beforehand and manually adjust syncing as needed. One of the many options FriendSync makes available to users is the ability to customize the image size of a picture when an incoming call comes in. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

Both bring Facebook integration.

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It was smart enough for some of my contacts to merge or "link" them. However for some on my iPhone I manually edited the contact card and linked to the facebook account. Not so bad.

How to Sync Facebook Contacts to iPhone?

However, it seems that those manual changes were NOT replicated to my Macbook. Backup your current Address book on your Mac.

Then, export from iCloud. OR you can use a third party app.

Contacts Sync for Google Gmail - #1 App For Syncing Gmail Contacts

If you're using iCloud your Mac and iPhone should be syncing— that's the point of iCloud. Some suggestions I have read on syncing issues is logging out then back in on your computer device that's not syncing correctly and it should sync after that.

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I actually had the same problem, just went in opposite order. Also, just in case it helps, you can merge two contacts in the mac address book if you have a duplicate with different info. I have the same issue, and when I link a Facebook contact with an iCloud contact on my iPhone, it's not synced on my Mac and vice versa; if I link a Facebook contact with an iCloud contact on my Mac, it's not synced on my iPhone I think iCloud can't store the link you make with Facebook contacts because the they don't appear in iCloud try to find your facebook contact on the iCloud website, you will not.

The link is done only in the local contact database and is not synced.

How To Sync Social Networks With Your Address Book

I don't think it's possible for now to have this synchronization, and Apple should correct this- but maybe I'm doing something wrong. EDIT: I tried something new: on the Mac, instead of merging the two cards, I just filled some additional information in the Facebook contact for example, the phone number of the iCloud contact ; what it does is it creates a new iCloud contact directly associated with the Facebook contact and this time the sync works.

On my iPhone, the contact appears with all the information as a unified contact!

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This means that it is not the lack of Facebook contacts in iCloud, since iCloud is able to make this sync; the bug is more on the "merge two contacts" function in both the iPhone and Mac's Contacts app. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 7 years, 1 month ago. Active 3 years, 6 months ago.

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