Star trek online mac unable to start game client success

anyone else had this issue? I cannot play the game, when I open the game client and hit engage I get a message saying unable to start game client: success . Is anyone else still having issue trying to play on a Mac? I got an email from Arc.
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Reporting Game Bugs - Star Trek Online

Appium is a great tool; however, installing it might be a little cumbersome. Disclosure: I am not related to the Appium team in any way. All comments should be considered the personal opinion of a user who has been struggling with Android tests for a while and was expecting something like Selenium for the mobile world. Appium requires a mobile platform to be installed in order for us to execute our tests. Finally, we will explain all of the configuration needed to run Appium tests with Python.

The topic of testing with Appium will be covered in a future article.

STO: The Good, and the bad, and the bad, and the bad...

For this tutorial, we will rely on an Ubuntu Note that our aim is to build a system that helps us run mobile tests in a headless fashion i. So, we will assume the following requirements as our starting point. Before we are able to run Appium, we need to make sure that the following tools are accessible in our system. Before you download the tools, we suggest creating a folder in your home directory that will be used to keep the files and later create the required environment variables in your path. For example, we are using a folder named workspace. In order to do so, edit the. Move to the workspace folder that we created in step 0 and download the latest version of Apache Ant which is 1.

Now you will have a folder named apache-ant This will get the library dependencies of most of the Ant tasks that require them. In your workspace folder, download the latest version of Apache Maven which is 3. Then, run the following command from the terminal to check that Maven has been properly configured:. From a terminal, install the mpapis public key. The first rule for installing Node.

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Instead, install Linuxbrew , and then install Node. You can install Linuxbrew on Ubuntu by running the following commands. First, install the Linuxbrew dependencies:. Note that this step can take a bit of time, so please be patient and do not close the terminal. Once the process is done, check that Node. The latest Appium release is 1. One of these changes affects the way Appium is configured during installation; specifically, the reset.

Until this latest version gets enough feedback from the community, we suggest starting with the stable release, 1.

To install version 1. Now, this stage is where the official Appium documentation gets confusing.

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According to the documentation, the next steps are to run the following commands to execute a collection of scripts that will set up Appium so that you can start it and test your app with it. However, the documentation assumes that Android is already perfectly configured in your environment and ready for Appium. If that is the case, then you should not have any problem; otherwise, proceed with our instructions in the next section. Because we are aiming to build a headless configuration for our test automation system, all of the instructions that follow are restricted to the terminal.

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Even though it is a bit more tedious than using the GUI, the advantage is that you can use commands to build your own script to automate the installation process. Switch to your workspace folder and run the following commands:. Note that Appium requires API level 17 or above in order to work properly. The most important part of this list is the first number at the beginning of each line, because this is the identification number of the package that we want to install. You can install one or more packages at the same time with the following command:.

Important: Make sure to install API For more details, check out lines to of the grunt-helpers. You can choose from among several ABIs. You can do this by running the same command as before but with the right package number that you see in your own listing. For example:. Note: Replace the -t argument with the package number you want to install. Now we are ready to create a new Android emulator. PBD image file containing the selected files or system that can be restored from the. PBD image if needed. System Backup will auto-select the system boot related partition s as the backup source to make sure the system image can be restored properly.

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How do you Account for the Costs of a Customer Success Team?

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After it's done, restart your PS4 and open the game to see if the error is fixed.