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VLC media player est le lecteur vidéo et audio indispensable. Le media player selon Apple Rarement un logiciel de lecture vidéo aura été aussi complet.
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Clip and Sequence Timeline Explains the difference between the timeline that is shown if a single clip is selected and the timeline that is shown if a sequence is selected. Duration Display Formats Demonstrates how to set different duration formats in the timeline for clips and sequences.

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Clip Timecode Formats Demonstrates how to change between different time code and frame count formats. Zooming and Panning Explains the zoom and panning functions in the normal and full screen modes including keyboard shortcuts. Detailed Pixel Information Demonstrates how to activate the pixel picker that provides detailed pixel information for a particular pixel in the viewing area.

Snapshots Explains the snapshot functionality and the related configuration possibilities.

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Playback Proxy Modes Shows the available playback proxy modes and explains the influence of the playback proxy mode in terms of quality and speed. Clip Info Overlay Explains the information shown in the Clip Info Overlay and demonstrates how to hide and unhide the overlay.

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Copy Clip Settings Demonstrates how to copy clip settings and apply them to other clips. Printer Lights and Color Wheel Details Explains the influence of the Printer Lights parameters and explains the control concept of all color wheels. Save a Look as. Render Targets Explains how to set up render parameters for a render target.

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Render Image File Formats Gives an overview of the available image file formats that can be set for a render target. Render Settings Explains the influence of the Processing Version setting on the available DeBayer modes and shows the general render settings.

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