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Target disk mode is designed to connect two Macs together. This allows the transfer of data from one Mac to another Mac. You mention Time Machine. Do you.
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Once formatted you will be able to move data to the drive just as you would a flash drive. If you are looking to move your iPhoto, Photos, or iTunes library, please consult Apple support. For formatting instructions, see these articles:. Apple Time Machine is automatic backup software built into the macOS. The best approach is to only use the drive for Time Machine and do not store additional data on the drive.

For any additional support outside of what is provided, please consult Apple support. If the drive is not formatted correctly the backup will fail with a message that the disk is not in Mac OS Extended Journaled , which is required. We have very limited troubleshooting options with the Apple Time Machine software. If a backup is failing, we suggest trying the following:.

For more information on Time Machine see this Apple article. Current Backup Plus and GoFlex drives come with their sleep timer disabled to allow the computer to control when the drive goes to sleep. There is not a way to adjust this setting on the Mac but if you have access to a Windows PC you can change it. The setting is in the drive so the sleep settings will follow it regardless of what computer you use it on. Keep hope alive. Unless I die like Steve Jobs did cuz karma's a bch.

Just ordered a SSD from Amazon, and have all of my stuff backed up on the external hard drive I use for backing up. I still have all of my installation CDs, but want to make sure of the tools I need for this. I know I take the battery out, and that metal cover in that area, but for my Mac I'm not sure if it would be the same tools since it is older than what you guys have. Also, one quick question, can I change the processor in this? I will be switching out the ram soon, likely after tax season, but I want to get a faster processor if possible.

Fortunately it looks like we did everything right. Thought that I would add this comment in case someone has similar situation. The clean Yosemite install setup the Recover Partition on new drive and the files copied from Time Machine restored system to original state without messing with newly created Recovery partition.

Then encrypt new drive and you are done. Hi,I am getting ready to replace the drive in my early 20" iMac.

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I have a Time Machine backup but do not have the OS installation disks. How can I get replicate my current drive contents to the new disk? How do you install I don't have a Snow Leopard disc. I downloaded Snow Leopard to an external hard drive, and connected it to the mac before starting up and pressing the Option Key.

All I get is a grey screen and a cursor. Is there a way to format my new 1TB hard drive using software loaded onto an external drive? I started it up, pressing the option key down, and all I get is a grey screen and a cursor. Is there a way to format my new 1TB internal hard drive using the software loaded onto an external drive?

Kinda new to this :. I just brought a PowerBook G4 it currently runs os x What am I missing? Is it a hardware restriction or some other problem? Then i did ll the updates and downlead and install all Lion,Maverik,Yosemit ,. Thank you for the guide. My 24 inch imac has been use as a paperweight for the past 4 years after the HD failed. I replaced it with a 27 inch imac, but I decided to have go at fixing the old one.

All went well until trying to reinstall the original OS Snow Leopard and could not get the computer to see the new HD. Your guide saved the day and now have the OS installed. Thanks again. So you can't use a hard already in the Dell gx? Or if you can does it delete all the information that you used before trying to install mac os on your Windows pc? Probably stupid but really curious? This dell has been a soldier for me but I'm not able to purchase a Mac right now and want that operating system so bad.

When I click on the Install Disk the drive starts then the Laptop re-boots. It never gets to step two. I printed out this guide before I replaced my SSD, however the graphics for Steps 6 to 17 did not print - the graphics for Steps 1 to 6 were fine - any ideas to solve this issue? Need some help.

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If you are following this guide to upgrade to a better drive and want to keep your system and data intact I highly recommend first following the guide to Clone an Existing Drive using the recommended free SuperDuper!. That process was a breeze and gives you confidence that the new drive will come up looking exactly the way it did when you started.

My top tip - make sure you buy good quality Phillips screwdrivers and a magnetic holder.

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Without a magnetic holder you have no chance of getting the tiny crews in and out safely. I did this last weekend, and definitely, a Phillips screwdriver is required not a Phillips 00! The Amazon purchase also included two screwdrivers and a spudger. If the black vent window that is attached to the back cover becomes loose what kind of glue should be used to attach it again, thermal paste or super glue? Faites attention aux coins des connecteurs, car ils se cassent facilement.

You don't want to accidentally turn the Mac on. Did you use a spudger or something else that is non conductive All kinds of variables here but the bottom line is iFixit provided you a guide to fix your computer. Lots of others have followed this guide without trouble. Your battery issues are not their fault.

They did say this guide was moderate difficulty We should all know our limits! Rather than be careful of the corners of the connector i would say don't use the spudger anywhere near the corners. While the corner looks like the obvious place to begin to pry it up from, it will break.

Levering from the sides as the instructions suggest works well. Don't know what the deal is with the battery, but this IS a necessary step to keep from frying the logic Board if you accidentally touch something and short it out. So be safe and don't fry your logic board in the process Prying the battery connector off does not take much force. I did exactly what the guide suggested walked it off back and forth with the spudger without any problems.

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Just be very gentle, much like with anything inside laptops, they are very fragile and need to be worked with carefully. Then did a clean install of OSX Yosemite From start to finish it took about 4 hours. Macbook boots up right at 16 seconds now. I followed these instructions, but as Apple didnt recommend disconnecting the battery, I skipped this step, and as well as taking less time, nothing was damaged or broken, and everything works perfectly!!! Apple recommends the edge of the Optical Disk Drive Big silver thing before touching any parts.

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I managed it first time, with no technical ability, so follow my advice. Good luck! Switch off your Mac and continue without disconnecting the battery. Don't know how it will switch on by itself.

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This comment made me think that disconnecting the battery was no point at all, because really - how would the computer be able to switch on by it self. I had my mac flipped around and was fiddling with the last part of the guide when I all of a sudden hear the start up sound! Don't know how and why it did. I turned it around with it guts open and guts hanging out.

Screen was on. I forced it to shut down by keeping the power button down. Turned it back and first thing removed the battery cord. I removed the battery cable for the repair.

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When I plugged in the MagSafe adapter after the repair, the Mac turned on automatically without pressing the power button and I was a bit worried, but after a restart everything worked fine again. I did have to reset date and time in Preferences. The battery was recognized OK. Okey, I skipped this battery disconnection part. Did not do anything like this before in my life, changing the cable was super easy! The official Apple guide to replacing the RAM says nothing about disconnecting the battery but it does recommend touching metal inside to discharge static.

I always do this when working on MacBooks over ten years and it never caused an issue.