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In Mail on your Mac, add your Internet accounts so you can use them to send and receive emails. You can temporarily stop using or delete an account from Mail.
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If you have a bunch of contacts, it might be convenient to search for the right person. Hits appear as you type.

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Adding a new contact is very simple. A new contact is created.

How do I create an email list? » E-Mail » Mac » Tech Ease

After clicking the plus button, a new contact will appear in the list above. In the third column you can also see all the data you can enter about that contact. You can enter their name, address, company, phone number, e-mail address, birthday and a lot of other things. When you have finished editing, click that button once and the information you just entered will be saved. This is very simple: Below the group list the first column , there is a plus button. Click it once and a new group will be created.

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Now just drag contacts to that group and they will be added. To create a new smart group, click the cogwheel button once and a menu will appear. You will now be asked to give the smart group a name and some criteria for that group. All contacts that matches the criteria will be visible in that group.

Create or change an alias

This is a format that most contact applications use. This means that you can exchange contacts with your PC-buddies that use Microsoft Outlook or some other contact application.

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If you wish to import a contact, just drag it into the Address Book contact list. To export a contact, just drag it out from the application and drop it where you want it. You can also select multiple files and drag them out of the application. This article is specific to Business Email. If you have a different type of email, please see Office Apple Mail instructions , or Workspace Apple Mail instructions.

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How to add an Email Account to Mac Mail

Help Business Email. Apple Mail Mac: Set up email This article is specific to Business Email. Open Apple Mail. Your next step depends on if you have already set up an email account, or not. If you have already set up an email account , click the Mail menu, and select Add Account If you haven't set up an account , skip to the next step. Select Other Mail Account , and click Continue.

Email Application Setup - Apple Mail

Complete the following fields: Field What to do Full Name Enter the name you want to display to others as the email sender. Email Address Enter your Business Email address.

How to Add-Remove Email Accounts from Apple Mail

Password Enter your Business Email password. Click Sign In. You may get a screen with the message Unable to verify account name or password.